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A small intro to our own love storY.

We’re MEGAN + Vishnu

We're a photographer and filmmaker who met 6 years ago at a brewery in Portland, Oregon. We were on a double blind date, and while the other half of our blind date never spoke again, we never stopped talking. It was our shared love of adventure and insatiable quest for natural beauty that sealed the deal. We spent the next few years getting our tiny two door hatch back into any precarious, mud filled, tree blocked, flooded out road we could find. Five years ago our daughter Paisley joined our adventure crew, we are now the unstoppable team M.V.P. (Megan, Vishnu, Paisley).

More ABout Us

We create cinematic, powerful films and imagery through storytelling.

Modern Wedding with Natural Elements

Los Angeles, California

"When planning our wedding we really wanted to transport all of our guests to an LA that they weren’t accustomed to while keeping the classic LA that is part of our love story."

Columbia River Gorge

Mosier, Oregon

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Cinematic • Experiences

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